the Christmas e​.​p.

by David Bergner

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released December 20, 2011



all rights reserved


David Bergner Boulder, Colorado

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Track Name: Father Christmas
the leaves are falling down
all around
and we will walk in the fall air

and death has never smelled so sweet
as the leaves beneath our feet
as we breathe deep the fall air

oh Father Christmas
it’s getting cold
we need your stories to keep us warm
oh Father Christmas
I long to hear your voice
and all the memories it holds

remembering the past
how we’ve laughed
as I recall the winters

and who will haunt me who
as the snow makes all things new
in my dreams of winter


there is magic in the sky
oh my my
I turn my gaze to the starlight

and the season chills my bones
as I make the journey home
from the bus in the starlight

chorus x 2
Track Name: An Homage In Deep White (The Snow of '06)
An Homage In Deep White (The Snow of '06)

it hasn’t snowed this much in a long time
and all the streets are covered in a deep white
and driving it’s not easy
you have to keep your wits about you
and the town will soon be silent
with all this will amount to

we make it home and park outside the driveway
to make it in we’ll have to dig a pathway
and we’re all in this together
as the neighbors exchange greetings
how curious this weather
looks like none of us will be leaving

I bundle up and start in on the shoveling
and Frank next door is doing the same thing
and we both work towards each other
in sweet and total quiet
‘til the pavement is uncovered
and the sidewalk is united

without a word, we start in on the driveway
his is clear, but he helps me make headway
and I don’t know much about him
though he seems to me a good man
and our silence is an homage
to loved ones who are passed
Track Name: Christmas Trumps Cynicism
Christmas Trumps Cynicism

snowy streets and greeting cards
twinkle lights in all the yards
are we near or are we far
from hope this year?

I read of once an infant boy
who filled the barren night with noise
in cries of terror and of joy
was hope that year

and only the wise men were foolish enough
to follow a star in the eastern sky
oh please Christmas remind us
to look for the star in the eastern sky

so as we fill our shopping carts
for those we carry in our hearts
let’s say a prayer that we could start
to dream this year

to tell the truth in love and grace
to see the light in every face
and have the courage to embrace
a hope this year


there was no room in the inn
for new life to begin
but still a baby’s cry did pierce the night
to bring us hope, to bring us light

so is there room in our hearts
to dream a different dream to live as art
to risk the falling down and the standing up
to heal our broken hearts and fill our cups

chorus x 2