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released February 6, 2013



all rights reserved


David Bergner Boulder, Colorado

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Track Name: New York
I travelled to New York
To meet my family
I did not know what to think

I stayed in the house that
My aunt and uncle built
I did not know what to say

Oh children, oh cousins fair
I can’t wait to see you there
We’ll sing and we’ll clap our hands
Fall down and do it again

The smells were familiar
The food it did taste so sweet
It summoned such memories

My cousin, Jonathan
Best friend, how have we just met?
Oh brother unknown to me


I stared out the window at
The lake and their naked feet
Daydreaming, so soft and sweet

I breathed in the air of
The country so close to sea
I drowned in the grassy green
Track Name: Emotional Machinery
I can hear your heart
Beating in your chest
The ticking of the parts
Beneath your bones and breast

But your emotional machinery
Is so much different than mine
Different design and manufacturing
So enchanting and kind

Darling, I love you
But darling we’re torn apart
By our emotional machinery
By the mechanics of the human heart
I don’t claim to understand it
The intricacies big and small
Can I get a manual up in here?
Is there a manual at all?

I can feel your breath
Moving through the trees
The scent of your perfume
That brings me to my knees

But your emotional machinery
Is so much different than mine
Different design and manufacturing
So impulsive and blind


Damn it, I miss your hair
Damn it, I miss your eyes
And your emotional machinery
So impossible and so sublime

Track Name: The North Sky
The hum of the highway
Sings such a sweet song
And the clouds in the north sky
Flash white with the lightning behind

My body it blends in
To the black ink of black night
And so soft a vision
Emerges of you in my mind

I am but a pilgrim
In a savage and strange land
But the whole earth is filled up
With such beauty when you hold my hand
Track Name: It's a Stickup!
Listen up everyone
Put your hands in the air
Just do what, what we say
And no one dies today

It’s a stickup, against the wall
Keep those hands up, surrender all
Single file, get in line
Desperate measures for desperate times

We have lived underground
But now the day has come
To make our, our demands
And there’s no turning back

No excuses, they’re useless here
So stop that chatter, dry your tears
We have suffered silence too long
So let’s get thoughtless, get it wrong

We’ve come to open, open, open
We’ve come to open your minds
We’ve come to open, open, open
We’ve come to open your eyes

If you value your life, attempt or die
If you value your life, attempt or die
Track Name: Collar Bones
I want to kiss your collar bones
I want to get you all alone
I’ll pull your hair, I’ll suck your tongue
And we will both, both come undone

Your apple lips, your ocean eyes
Your silky sweat, your quaking thighs
Your candy heart, take a bite of it
Hands in your hair, hands on your hips

I said stay, but every time you ran away
And disappeared without at trace
No lingering, no last embrace

Your crazy hair, your quiet smile
White stocking legs extend for miles
Traverse your skin, the pilgrim I
Through valleys low and mountains high

It’s more than just, just flesh and bones
Your heart unheard, your heard unknown
Please speak your mind with silver tongue
I will not hide, I will not run


Capricious heart leave me alone
Your fickle ways I can’t condone
Remember me when you’re old and gray
I promise you I’ll do the same
Track Name: The World's Axis
It’s been a long life
In such a short time
I open my eyes, and I’m still amazed
I’m doing alright

I told a good friend
We were resilient
And we were stronger
Than all hell’s demons


And simple gestures
From friends and strangers
They are the axis
On which the world turns

And I find strength there
And I find hope there
And it is shelter
For a weary traveller


I am lost but I’m still found
Count the blessings all around
Close my eyes and I kneel down
Cross my heart as I sing aloud

Track Name: Just Give Up
My darling, darling stranger
I’m enjoying our conversation
I’ve never been good at talking
And sometimes I have trouble stopping

But you are just so charming
Actually it’s kind of alarming
Don’t know how I, I found you
But my arms they belong around you

So why don’t we bail on this coffee shop
It’s cold out but I’ll turn the heat up
In the car that I share with my mother
Angel, let’s go get under the covers

Unemployment, it is sky high
Student loans, they make me cry
Were I wiser I’d pound the pavement but
I’d much rather prolong this engagement


Let’s run away, let’s just give up
On being good enough for everyone but us
I’ll bare my bones, you bare your toes
Let’s shed the clothes and lay in sweet repose
Let’s breath this air, let’s be alive
Unplug the clock, stay up all night
Let’s fall apart, let’s make some art
Let’s start to heal these broken hearts